Will NBA Live Mobile go through a reset in 2017

Speculations about a possible NBA Live Mobile reset in 2017. The reset would supposedly happen in July after the end of the current NBA season.

There hasn’t been any news of an NBA Live Mobile reset in 2017 but players who are familiar with EA mobile games are talking about it. Based on how EA operates Madden NFL Mobile, players have already expressed concern about the reset and what will happen after it. Madden NFL Mobile was reset mid August 2016 after the real NFL season ended. The reset means that players lose their progress and everyone starts fresh for the new season. This may sound harsh but EA mobile sports games do their best in delivering an authentic sports experience and this is how it happens in real sports. When Madden NFL Mobile was reset, players received some compensation based on their achievements for the season that just ended.

The reset is regarded as a necessary evil. It’s certainly not fun losing all acquired players and feeling that all that hard work had gone to waste but it makes the game exciting once again. If there would be no reset, the game would simply become boring for veteran players that already obtained the best cards. New players wouldn’t stand a chance against those who are playing for a long time. So the reset gives everyone equal starting chances. NBA Live Mobile has been around for almost a year. The current NBA season is over so players are wondering if the game will receive the same treatment as Madden NFL Mobile.

Although nothing has been announced so far the answer is probably yes. The two games are similar in terms of concept and gameplay. The good news is that the reset, if it happens, it won’t happen overnight. In 2016, EA announced the Madden NFL Mobile reset three months in advance. Players had enough time to prepare for it. If the NBA Live Mobile reset will take place, it’s more than safe to say that players will get some rewards and maybe achievements as proof for taking part in the previous season. They will probably keep their NBA cash. As always, keep an eye on NBA Live Mobile Twitter page for the latest news. The nba live mobile coins are playing the important role in game playing, which can be used in the game to buy better items to strong yourself.