Underfloor Heating Glasgow

Underfloor heating is becoming more and more popular. It is a product that is now seriously considered by most housing developers as a plausible way to combat the ever increasing and stringent energy saving and efficiency guidelines.

Underfloor Heating Glasgow

How is this? Heating a home is expensive when talking about conventional methods. Heat rises according to Thermodynamics and Heat transfer sciences. This means that a radiator on the wall is pumping out vast amounts of heat which fills the room from the top down. This means the hottest part of the room will always be at ceiling height. The logical analysis from this is that this energy and heat is mainly going to waste. On top of this, nobody wants radiators on all four walls of a room so inconsistency in heat patterns across a room is common and cold spots are inevitable.

The comfort of underfloor heating

The story with underfloor heating is completely different. Here’s why. Underfloor heating is installed consistently across your floorplan. This means there is the same amount of heat coming out of your floor at any given point. Underfloor heating also doesn’t heat the room from the top down. Its consistent heat height actually starts to decrease at about 2 metres. This means that the parts of the room that humans abide and enjoy the expected comforts associated with living indoors in the best way possible. With no cold rooms and freezing floors.

There are parts in the UK that have become heavily populated and/or have seen considerable increase in their demographics. Places such as Glasgow, the population of Scotland’s largest City is currently sitting around the 1.2 Million mark. This is a large mass of people which inevitably equates to a lot of energy being ‘frittered’ away due to inefficient conventional heating methods. In 2014 the City used 11,000 GWH of energy. Underfloor Heating could seriously reduce this energy figure.

Incognito Underfloor Heating Glasgow

Underfloor Heating Glasgow is a successful and forward thinking UFH firm based in Glasgow. They recognise this lack of using energy efficiently and in the last few years have played their own small role in improving the situation. Now, however, they want to make a greater impact on helping our environment and save us hundreds of pounds every year. Underfloor Heating Glasgow have been working throughout Northern England and Scotland and increasing awareness on being energy efficient with heating your home. They started small in 2005 and have seen considerable growth.

Underfloor heating is something that has been taken more seriously in Scotland in the last few years and its popularity has grown. Would you be interested? The benefits are endless. Warm floors, consistently heated home, freedom for design (no radiators in the way), a clean look in your house and a massive saving on your energy bill.

Underfloor heating Glasgow have got plenty stories to share with you on their website. It speaks of luxury housing estates in Cumbria, Town houses in Edinburgh and Glasgow and Country Homes in Perthshire.

Underfloor Heating Glasgow would love to speak to you today. Pick up the phone, visit their website or email them. A friendly service, accurate estimations and some brilliant innovative systems. The latest and most exciting would be our app controlled underfloor heating system.